Anevay Frontier Wood Stove Kit

  • $59500

The Frontier Stove Tent Bundle is designed so that you can safely install your Frontier Stove in a bell tent, canvas teepee or yurt. Enjoy the warmth and comfort of having a real wood burning stove keeping your tent cozy whilst taking advantage of the cooking capabilities: there's space for two pans so you can cook a full meal on the top plate. 

The spark arrestor attaches to the top section of flue on the Frontier stove.  The high-temperature silicone collar ensures the flue exits the tent safely. The flue is easily removed from the flashing kit when packing up your tent. The Heat Mat prevents any stray embers, that may escape, from burning through your groundsheet.The bundle also includes the Frontier Stove carry bag.

The Frontier Stove Tent Bundle includes: 

 1 x Frontier Stove

1 x Spark Arrestor

1 x Carry Bag

1 x Frontier Stove Tent Flashing Kit

1 x Heat Mat


Additional Information:

Weight: 12 kg
Dimensions: 241 x 30 x 50 cm
Colour: Black
Fuel type: Seasoned wood
Flue size: 60mm
Pack size: 52cm x 33cm x 33cm