Anevay Traveller Wood Stove Kit

  • $1,49000

Presenting: The Anevay Traveller Stove!

Compact and perfectly suited to small spaces, with the same efficiency and heat output as before.
A little sturdier and heavier than our Frontier Stove, the Traveller is better suited to everyday or constant use, as it has a bigger flue which means it doesn’t need to be cleaned out as often. If the stove will be used in a semi-permanent setting and used frequently, the Traveller Stove is the best option. It’s less portable than the Frontier but can still be carried. 

The Traveller Stove comes with an extra air vent on top of the door so you can bolt it shut and control airflow using the vent control, making it even more secure. It also has an air wash system to keep the glass clean.

We've got a great bundle offer with absolutely everything you need to install and cook on a Traveller Stove. Whether you're using the stove in a bell tent, a teepee, a shed or in a van, everything fits inside our lovely new wooden boxes, which also make handy camping tables or chairs!

 The Traveller bundle includes:

  • Traveller Stove
  • 4 x 500mm Flue Sections (total length 2m)
  • Flashing Kit
  • Spark arrestor/cowl
  • Wooden travel box

 Everything fits easily into the wooden box with a separate compartment for the flues.

 Traveller Stove, flues and box are 100% made in the UK.