This chart shows the various differences between tent models. To make the decision easier, we make the following recommendations: 

Original models are best suited to cooler climates - the PVC is easy to clean, and keeps in a little more warmth than mesh. The groundsheet is not zip in, so if you're particularly not keen on small insects, you may want to consider a deluxe. The windows open fully so you can still get a good through-flow of air in the hotter summer days.

Original Deluxe models are best suited to cooler climates and have a zip in groundsheet to keep out all the bugs, and a second door at the rear which is useful for adding a kitchen area or rear awning.

Outback models are great for climates like Southern Europe, where it gets a little hotter. The mesh will allow you to keep the windows open, keep the bugs out, and still have a flow of air through your tent. Likewise the mesh layer behind the canvas door is great for keeping bugs out and airflow in. 

Outback Deluxe models have the additional rear door so you can maximise airflow through your tent. They are great for really hot climates like the Australian Outback, the tropics, and also allow the option of adding a second awning to the rear of the tent for a cooking area etc.

The Hybrid model gives you the best of both worlds - we have started making them for the Canadian market, but they will be a practical choice for anywhere in the world. So if its really hot in the summer, and cold in the winter, you have the option of the insulated PVC for the winter, and then the mesh layer to keep cool and keep the mosquitoes at bay in the summer.

The Hybrid Deluxe is the king of all tents, suitable for all climates, with the option of adding a second porch area to the rear.