Lotus Air Belle

  • $3,35000

 PREORDER is now available for this tent! Purchase now and this will guarantee you this tent model and size. We will be accepting preorders until March 31, 2021. If you wait until after then, there is no guarantee the tents will be in stock. They sell out fast. When your order is ready your tent will be shipped to your door. Shipping date is estimated to be May 2021.

For more specific timing as we get closer to May or any other additional information please contact us via email or phone:

(705) 935-0042 


It's the tent you've all been waiting for! And it really is as good as we'd hoped - or better...

No centre pole, no faffing, no effort! Just roll it out, pump it up, put in a few pegs, and get inside, WHOOP! 

Almost the size of a 16FT (5M)! It's a 15FT (4.6M)! As this tent has no center pole it will easily fit a KING SIZE air bed, and will sleep many people comfortably with room to spare for bags and boots etc.

Inner tents are also available to fit in to the rear section of the tent for a really cosy camping experience.